The DesignLab’s mission is to bring together inventors and entrepreneurs, to explore the future of how hardware projects are built and brought to market.

With a 4,900 square foot research and development studio packed with professional grade tools to facilitate collaboration in product design, manufacturing, art, and technology, the Supplyframe DesignLab represents a perfect location for hardware innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, tinkering, education, and thought leadership.

bringing ideas to life.

01. Start with an idea

You have an idea that resonates and now you need to build it. We're here to help you bring that to life using our knowledge and resources.

02. Become a Resident

Take the next step and document your concept. Fill out the full application to start the process today.

03. Leave with a product

Once approved you'll have three months private access to world class fabrication equipment, engineering and design resources, and your own space to iterate your design.

Current Residents

AutoFold Project

A desktop box folding robot for micro factories. It allows makers and small businesses to compete with large scale manufacturing. In the global market place packaging and shipping is required. Our goal is to help make local manufacturing economically feasible, preventing repetitive motion injuries and letting you focus what is going in the box.



Barnabas-Bot is an open-source Introduction to Robotics product and curriculum that exposes elementary and middle school kids to the inner workings of robotics. Our community driven content guides youth through a self-discovery process as they design, fabricate, wire and program a unique robot of their own.


Dejlig Line

Home is the structure and love is the binding agent. And we can't leave the tech talk for a moment. The Dejlig line is a series of innovative, fun and surprisingly useful products developed from concept to actual manufacturing, to make your home an even more fun place.



Extending the VR experience capability for mobile devices. We are doing this by creating the foundation and educational resources to enable makers and companies to quickly develop and test the components for a new controller without the headache of having to write tedious amounts of code.



A flexible electrophoretic (e-ink) display worn on the skin, similar to a temporary tattoo. This project includes research and development of a thin and flexible multilayered PCB that can be produced with commercially available equipment.



Flexible light-emitting materials can transform what we think of as a light source for the home or office. Let's experiment with different surface shapes and LEDs to see what kind of lamps we can build.


DTTO Project

The Dtto Robot is a modular transformable robot designed to be versatile, flexible and self-reconfigurable. The idea of modular robots is that they can adopt any shape they want, by changing the position and the connection of their modules.



Develop a prototype of Pyrolysis Chemical Reactor to generate the decomposition of Organic Waste through the application of heat into a Charcoal commonly named Biochar, what is a stable solid, rich in carbon, used to increase the soil fertility to increase the yield in agricultural production, and also allowing us to mitigate global warming by sequestering carbon and producing energy that can be used in the same process to reduce the energy requirements.


College of the Creatives

Bespoke mystery puzzle boxes inviting an unsolicited group of nerdy & socially conscientious creatives to join a secret society called the College of the Creatives. After the box is opened, its contents reveal that it was sent to them on behalf of the last member of the LA Science Fiction chapter of the College

The Lab.

  • 4,900 sqft design and engineering lab

  • Rapid prototyping room equipped with 3d printers and laser cutters

  • Workshop with large format fabrication equipment

  • Electronics assembly and testing area

  • Advanced CAD/CAM workstations

  • Conference room for team meetings

  • Large scale projector for presentation

  • State of the Art kitchen facility

  • Loading dock for large pieces / projects

  • 24hr security system with surveillance

  • Lounge / Lobby for time away from machines

  • Resident gallery for completed projects


  • Morgan Industries GT-125T - Injection Molding Machine

  • Quincy QT-5 80G - Air Compressor

  • Tormach PCNC 1100 - Milling Machine

  • ShopBot PRSAlpha 96/48 - CNC Router

  • SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 - Table Saw

  • Othermachine Othermill - Desktop Milling Machine

  • Stratasys Objet24 - SLA 3D Printer

  • Epilog Helix 75W - CO2 Laser cutter

  • Deezmaker Bukito - Cartesian 3D Printer

  • SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2 - Delta 3D Printer

  • Dewalt DW618PK - Hand Router

  • Wen 6502 - Benchtop Belt Sander

  • Festool ETS 125 EQ - Random Orbital Sander

  • Boxx - CAD/CAM Workstations

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