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Product costing and quoting software

Since 1993, Polydyne has focused its efforts on addressing specific supply chain needs of the high tech, defense, aerospace and communications industries.

Over the years, Polydyne has built an impeccable reputation for innovation and excellence. Many advancements in product costing and strategic sourcing that have become industry best practices were pioneered by Polydyne.


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Design. Quote. Win.

For over 20 years, Polydyne has been providing solutions to the most complex product costing challenges faced by the world’s leading companies.

On the OEM side, DesignWin has become the most comprehensive product costing solution in the industry.

At the other end of the spectrum, QuoteWin is the most advanced quoting management solution specifically designed for EMS providers, ODMs and Defense Contractors.

What They Say About Polydyne

"The ability to gather, retain, and analyze more cost data points is the greatest benefit of Polydyne Software."

Executive VP, Hewlett-Packard

"Polydyne’s software is a major component in our business, and helps us to put our best foot forward to our customers."

Business Development Manager, Top 10 EMS Provider


Built for the OEM market, DesignWin creates efficiencies in process while maintaining traceability throughout product pricing activities. EMS quoting and comparative analytics round out a full costing solution.


QuoteWin provides intelligent RFQ management well suited for EMS providers and design manufacturers. This single platform efficiently processes all aspects of complex product costing, including the subprocesses that contribute to the final price of a product build.

Custom Modules for Unique Needs

At Polydyne, we believe that the “one size fits all” model has failed because every organization is different.

The modular structure of our products allows each of our customer to implement a customized solution to solve their specific challenges.

Here are a few examples. For more information about all the available solutions, please contact us.


A quotation management software designed specifically for high volume, complex, product costing. Preconfigured analysis scenarios weigh pricing along with other factors such as quality, delivery and volume capacity.


The VPA module provides a systematic approach for creating supplier contracts based on enterprise-wide material demand. The sourcing team is then able to stay ahead of market price erosion and capture lower costs as early as possible.


The Global Pricing Module (GPM) provides a central location to store enterprise-wide price records. Multiple tables may be created according to the source of the price such as: Inventory, PO, Contract, Matrix, or Regional Pricing.


Customer RFQs are the lifeblood of any electronic manufacturer. The MLO module enables pricing teams to standardize or customize the application of material, labor, non-recurring and overhead charges to project costs.

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