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Supplyframe has moved the needle forward in the world of electronics manufacturing by offering unparalleled access to market data, powerful tools, and critical insights. In a world where digital transformation is no longer an option, Supplyframe Enterprise combines this valuable data and functionality into a single configurable software solution for every aspect of your sourcing, procurement, and engineering.

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A Comprehensive Solution

Supplyframe Enterprise brings together tools for every aspect of your organization. From the office of the CIO, to sourcing, procurement, quoting, sales, and even engineering, it’s all here within one configurable software solution.

Rock-Solid Foundation

Built on the backbone of Supplyframe’s unrivaled sourcing intelligence platform, Supplyframe Enterprise provides access to real-time inventory, market data, and cutting-edge risk mitigation metrics that empower every decision your teams makes.

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A Digital Transformation

Our solution removes the need for outdated and manual processes, instead giving your team the power to collaborate and capture opportunities in the moment. Whether it’s finalizing your BOM in a matter of minutes, or responding to quotes in record time, the gains in efficiency alone will boost your bottom line.

Increased efficiency, enhanced collaboration, cutting-edge tools.
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