A centralized tool designed to optimize PCB Sourcing.

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We all know that PCBs are critical to the production of electronic boards: Any errors in the selection process, from the technical characteristics to the quality itself, could affect the entire board with catastrophic repercussions.

PCBRFQ minimizes the margin of error by providing PCB-focused RFQ and sourcing resources, giving you an unparalleled solution to compliment your supply chain processes.

Eliminating the Pain Points

>Manual processes are time-consuming and prone to errors.

>No possible way to compare past and present offers for the same technologies.

>Lack of efficiency in the organization: sharing comparisons and choices with colleagues is tedious.

Features by Popular Demand

You asked, and we delivered. We created PCBRFQ at the request of our customers. Lack of efficiency and manual procedures called for a change in the RFQ quoting process. With PCBRFQ you can:

Create and manage your RFQs in one place

Integrate and compare quotes

Trace and analyze technical specs

Centralize and share data with teams in one place

Tailored Solutions

> Optimize your PCB sourcing activities

> Centralize your sourcing data

> Improve your RFQ management

BOM Cost Analysis and Strategic Sourcing:
Now Within Your Control

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