The world’s largest network for engineering manufacturing, and supply chain professionals.

Connecting the global electronics industry

Supplyfx is the largest industry-specific network for engineering, manufacturing and supply chain professionals.

Whether quoting a production-grade BOM, building a supplier network, or in need of advice on your latest design, SupplyfX makes it easy to connect and collaborate with the right people.







Discover. Connect. Collaborate.

Whether you’re looking for a small prototyping shop in your area or a large manufacturing partner across the globe, Supplyfx makes it easy to grow your supply base or your customer portfolio.

Why should you fill up generic contact forms on company websites? Connect directly with the right person at the right company.

Need feedback from real customers before forming a deal with a new partner? Just ask other professionals who have an existing relationship with them.

Tough Questions. Easy Answers.

What are the top three highest-rated fabrication companies in Austria? Who is the sales manager at each of these companies and how can I get in touch? When this would require a decent amount of Googling, you can simply use filters in the Supplyfx discovery engine.

Narrow down your selection, find the right person within the company profiles, send an invite and start a conversation.


Choosing suppliers can make or break your product. Supplyfx provides you with the tools to help find the right ones. Discover new companies. Grow your supply chain and customer base.


When it comes to manufacturing, it’s all about fostering relationships with your team. Supplyfx allows you to meet the faces behind each company by establishing direct connections with the right people.


Email threads and file attachments are things of the past. Supplyfx will help you streamline team communication and product collaboration with a unique, easy-to-use interface.

Everything In One Place.

Supplyfx is more than another social network for professionals. It’s a constantly growing community that works together to make our industry move forward. For example, it’s not rare to see an influencer doing a private Ask Me Anything on the platform.


Joining Supplyfx doesn't simply just expand your professional network. You become a part of a growing community of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain professionals that helps establish relationships for current and upcoming ventures.


Looking for hardware companies in different industries? With over 100 markets and counting, Supplyfx makes it easy for professionals to find a multitude of resources for their hardware needs.


Access an up-to-date catalogue of over 5,000 companies across various industries. Supplyfx allows you to browse, search, and connect with companies and communicate with their personnel.

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